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Business Insight via Analytical Dashboard

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Read in 2 minutes how adopting our ChatBot can accelerate your business by providing more control and deep insight of your customer base via Live Dashboard

Your millennial business strategy is well adopted with fast moving market. But how do you track your customer behavior to make sure that your strategies are working perfectly?

“Businesses need to go beyond the interests of their companies to the communities they serve” - Ratan Tata

Your ChatBot can talk relentlessly with your customers and memorize customer profiles and save the data automatically with each conversation. As a business, it is your immense opportunity to analyse the customer data, get insight from it and apply revamped strategy to your business.

Business Dashboard From Marvin AI

Instead of requesting for ChatBot usage report every month, we have empowered the business owner to automate everything. This dashboard shows live data - that means with each new conversation with user, you can view the live data getting updated in the dashboard. Isn't it awesome!

Think about the possibilies. You can have in depth view of consumer behavior pattern. By narrowing down the peak usage, you know which niche of customers to target and when. Even better, now you know when would be the best time within a day for digital promotion for best user engagement.

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