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How To Win Your Customer's Heart in Business

No matter how good the product is, if a company's customer service is not set to win customer's heart, the failure of the business will be only a matter of time.

Most successful companies across the world thrive on the best possible customer service. The reason is pretty simple - they start with WHY their product or service exist in the first place. Solely because of their loyal customer base who love to do repeated business with the companies. Such a loyalty comes with an absolute best customer service.

“It's not the customer's job to know what they want" - Steve Jobs

Millennials love to connect to any business over digital medium. Responding to customers immediately and anytime is the key today to win your customer's heart. ChatBot can fulfill this business demand so easily. With a brand aligned personality, a bot can provide long lasting good impression to a customer with its instant help to common queries before reaching a support agent.

Get Customer Insight via ChatBot Conversation

ChatBot can store your customer profile automatically each time a new customer starts chatting. Understand your customer segmentation from the data analysis - such as does your product been loved more by men or women, which social media they like to contact your brand, what is their age distribution, what kind of queries normally they have and many more.

Such insight will provide your business the opportunity to customize and target your sales towards the bigger customer segment. Marvin ai provides a business dashboard to visualize the customer insight live based on their interaction with the ChatBot.

Also human handover assistance provides the biggest facility to connect your customers to live agents without leaving negative customer sentiment about your brand.


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