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Human Handover Protocol

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Chatbot can always drive your customer queries to the right direction but sometimes your customer needs more complex queries to be answered. There comes the importance of a human support assistant to jump over to keep customer expectation in support.

We know how to make your customers truly appreciate your support service. Marvin AI provides "Human Handover Protocol" feature where if end user asks a complex question or simply ask for human assistance, the bot will pass on the baton to human assistant.

By doing this, the bot will send alert in Messenger inbox (for Facebook Messenger integrated bots) as well as phone call (via Twilio) to your common support contact. Notified support assistant can directly start chatting with the end user in the same chat window while the bot will remain silent during the time.

Once the customer is happy with the responses, human assistant will just click on "Mark as done" option in Messenger chat window which will pass back the conversation baton to bot again. Now the bot will take over the conversation.

This is a fantastic option to keep your human support team at minimum but also ensuring best response to your customers at the same time.


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