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Why Do You Need a ChatBot?

For businesses, it has become necessary to solve the queries and problems of the customers to ensure consumer loyalty along with the brand establishment

Providing instant response 24/7 to customers put an immense pressure on the customer service segment. And this comes with a heavy ongoing cost too.

Why ChatBot?

Advancements in technology continue to transform customer service interactions. 75% of online customers expect help within 5 minutes.

Computer programs which can have real conversations over chat interface are known as ChatBots. It has revolutionized the way customer service industry works. A chat interface allows chatbots to converse with users.

How ChatBots Help Me Save

Let’s remember that before they are glamorous, futuristic, game-changing service robots, Chatbots are one simple thing: automation systems. Chatbots help businesses efficiently accomplish tasks that would have otherwise required human labor. This is important because businesses are always looking to cut costs without sacrificing service or product quality. By automating simple tasks, Chatbots offer customers speeder support at a lower rate for companies.

Increased Profit for Organization

Findings from analysis firm Juniper Research show that Chatbots are expected to trim business costs by more than $8 billion per year by 2022

  1. Reduced Operational Costs Chatbots are like evolved self-service portals or advanced knowledge bases. They help customers quickly and easily find the answers to simple queries. As a result, they reduce the number of incoming calls to contact centers, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs

  2. Lower Labor Expenses According to research by McKinsey, 29% of customer service positions in the US could be automated through Chatbots and other currently available technology. While a live chat agent can effectively chat with about three customers at once (and a phone representative can handle only one at a time), Chatbots can handle an unlimited amount of interactions simultaneously.

  3. Cheap 24/7 Availability More and more customers expect companies to accommodate their schedules and deliver 24/7 customer service. Chatbots cost the same whether they’re available 24/7, three hundred and sixty-five days per year or not. By letting Chatbots handle late-night or low-traffic after hours queries, companies can provide customers with the support that they need – when they need it – without having to hire additional agents to cover these odd working hours.

  4. ROI in Agent Happiness Allowing a Chatbot to handle simple, repetitive queries takes this burden off agents, and helps them to develop their skills by only taking on the queries that really test the limits of their knowledge. This leads to a happier, more fulfilling agent experience. Cultivating a quality agent experience is important to contact centers of all sizes.

  5. Value in Customer Satisfaction Customers can get upset if they don’t feel valued or respected by an agent. They like that Chatbots are objective – free from the judgment and cognitive biases that affect human communications and decision making. For example, sometimes a human agent might give incorrect advice because they’ve encountered a situation that seemed similar to one they had seen recently, when actually if they had looked at the circumstances objectively they might have made different decisions.

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