In the last decade, digital businesses have taken over the world with great success. But when it comes to customer service, most of the companies struggle to respond over each & every incoming customer service request in time.

We found that the global average response time to handle a customer service request is approximately 12 hours. This explains the gap of why 80% of companies believe they’re delivering superior quality customer service, yet only 8% of customers agree.

75% of today’s consumers expect a consistent customer service experience wherever they engage, whether that be on your website, social networks or online. We believe ChatBot technology is the most right solution for this problem. 

Instant response and common problem solving capability for customers without waiting for human support assistants are the biggest expectations from global customers today. Our cloud based ChatBot solution exactly fulfill the dream of happy customers for any company.

Marvin AI is a Cloud first ChatBot development company from Denmark to manage your CRM with Artificial Intelligence and build business. We provide ChatBot technology platform as White Label service to our partners. 






One day, more than 80% of today’s customer engagements will be supported by bots.

People will buy from companies with best customer support service powered by bots. 

Automated customer care service for any company will be a must have feature.

Marvin ai will be that automated customer service provider.

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