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We help to build web-based Augmented Reality experience for sales and marketing

Build the best product and marketing experience with WebAR and retain your customers with 400% higher engagement.

We’re breaking barriers between the digital and physical, bridging the world of iOS & Android – so that anyone can experience Web AR – no matter what device they’re on.

Increase your brand awareness with WebAR campaigns online, built within minutes and share it with the whole world over digital and print media.

Do you know the potential of web AR?

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No-code platform to build web AR experiences & publish them on cloud


Marker-less WebAR

Marker-based WebAR

Your audience is multi dimensional

You should be too


Transform your 2D website into a 3D virtual store

Create magnificent product marketing experience

Marvin XR offers built-in metrics and insights, a 3D asset library, content management and user-interface QR code & markers - proven to reach, engage, and convert new audiences.

For Enterprise

AR helps businesses optimize their bottom line by increasing worker productivity and efficiency

For Enterprise

For Marketers

AR converts shoppers at a rate of 2-3x more than consumer journeys that aren’t interactive.

For Marketers

For Educators

Students say learning enhanced by AR improves retention by as much as 90%.

For Educators

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People from more than 48 countries have used Marvin XR


Dr. Kumar Ramasamy, PhD

Professor of CSE, Muthayammal Engineering College

When I explored for WebAR, I found Marvin XR. Tried their WebAR features, created a "WoW' experience in just 3 steps using their platform. It's really a game changing for my needs, especially for learning contents for kids with special needs that we create now. Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) is the best way to go ahead with interactive learning contents and Marvin XR is the place.


​Dr. Aizat Hawari, PhD

CEO & Founder at Praxis Sdn. Bhd.

WebAR is not something I was familiar with to begin with, until I found Marvin XR.
It's really a game changing for my business, especially I run websites (e-commerce with online art gallery website) that can really benefit from it. Augmented Reality (AR) is the futuristic way moving forward and it will be a big thing in the next couple of years for various industries.

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Graeme van Rensburg

3D Artist & Filmmaker

Marvin XR has great potential in these emerging markets, it was easy and fun to use and has many use cases that could benefit a lot of users. Great App.

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What is WebAR?

WebAR (or web-based Augmented Reality) is a digital technology that allows users to easily share AR experiences through the mobile browser – no app required. All you have to do is navigate to the webpage URL through any iOS or Android smartphone camera.

Why AR?

Demand to purchase online increased 141% in the first half of 2020, and only continues to accelerate. AR allows consumers to experience any product or service in 3D, from the comfort of their home.

Why WebAR?

WebAR eliminates the barrier to download an app in order to experience AR, meaning it can be shared across multiple platforms at scale, A/B testing for optimal performance, and updated in real-time as needed.

Why Marvin XR?

Marvin XR is a no-code platform that allows businesses to publish webAR experiences quickly, cost-effectively and with ease. We provide WebAR which can run on even older mobile devices. This makes us unique and most powerful in terms of rechability to every segement of mobile users. We provide end to end service to help businesses setting up their webAR campaigns.

Why Use WebAR?

WebAR (or web-based augmented reality) is a digital technology that allows users to easily share AR experiences through the mobile browser – no app required. All you have to do is navigate to the webpage URL through any iOS or Android smartphone camera. Marvin AI provides both marker based and markerless webAR services.

Who creates the 3D assets?

Our WebAR includes access to 3D Assets (powered by Sketchfab). For custom needs, we can refer you to one of our partners to help model and animate WebAR-ready assets. If customers have their own in-built 3D models, we can easily integrate it to the platform. We support both static and animated 3D assets for WebAR portal.

What AR file formats do you work with?

We provide .glb file for marker-based WebAR - it works across Android & iOS. For markerless webAR, we provide .glb file format for Android and .usdz file format for iOS. In both the cases, our webAR is compatible with all major web browsers.

How do I get billed?

Marvin XR has subscription based billing. You can always sign up and start with Basic plan while upgrade later to better plan whichever suits you best. You can find all license related cost in the License section once you sign up here:

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your Marvin AR plan at any time by notifying us. For paid plans, you have to cancel immediately or at the end of your billing period. There is no credit or refund for usage during partial months.

How can I get latest update and help for my business using Marvin XR?

Please join our growing Facebook Community with active members to get help, suggestion and consultancy on how to grow your business to the next level using WebAR. Join us at