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Grow 10x customer engagement & higher conversion rate with augmented reality marketing campaigns

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Build the best marketing experience with WebAR and make your customers the loyal fans of your brand with app-less AR experience.

We’re breaking barriers between the digital and physical, bridging the world of iOS & Android – so that anyone can experience Web AR – no matter what device they’re on.

Increase your brand awareness with WebAR campaigns online, built within minutes and publish it with the whole world over digital and print media.

Do you know the potential of WebAR?

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No-code WebAR studio to create
campaigns and publish on cloud

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Surface AR

Image AR

Target AR

Marker AR

Your audience is multi dimensional

You should be too


Transform your 2D website into a 3D virtual store

Create magnificent product marketing experience

Marvin XR offers built-in metrics and insights, a 3D asset library, content management and user-interface QR code & markers - proven to reach, engage, and convert new audiences.

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People from more than 48 countries have used Marvin XR

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Dr. Kumar Ramasamy, PhD

Professor of CSE, Muthayammal Engineering College

When I explored for WebAR, I found Marvin XR. Tried their WebAR features, created a "WoW' experience in just 3 steps using their platform. It's really a game changing for my needs, especially for learning contents for kids with special needs that we create now.

Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) is the best way to go ahead with interactive learning contents and Marvin XR is the place.


​Dr. Aizat Hawari, PhD

CEO & Founder at Praxis Sdn. Bhd.

WebAR is not something I was familiar with to begin with, until I found Marvin XR.

It's really a game changing for my business, especially I run websites (e-commerce with online art gallery website) that can really benefit from it.
Augmented Reality (AR) is the futuristic way moving forward and it will be a big thing in the next couple of years for various industries.



Dr. Shailey Singh,

Management Faculty, Digital Marketing Consultant

I was exploring WebAR when I came across Marvin XR and simply loved how they made it look so simple, easy and yet appealing.
Marvin XR holds great potential in WebAR product marketing across industries. They are already one of my favorites and I love how they are pioneering and revolutionizing AR usability.


Sacha Romano

Digital Marketing Manager at

Marvin XR is very attentive when it comes to support for creating WEB AR campaigns.
I got help and answers very quickly for each technical question.

Recently there has been image recognition and it is really "a must have" feature. It's been 2 month I use it and I look forward to enjoying new features again, they go faster and are really helpful.

Graeme van Rensburg.jpg

Graeme van Rensburg

3D Artist & Filmmaker

Marvin XR has great potential in these emerging markets, it was easy and fun to use and has many use cases that could benefit a lot of users. Great App.

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